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Parish Announces Plans for Lesage Hall Expansion. Can you help- ? Parishioners have donated over $150,000 but our goal is $400,000 can we COUNT on YOU ????? Check out the details HERE

Want to play Golf and help support our Knights of Columbus Council Charity efforts ? Get All the INFO HERE !!!


Weekly we join together to worship our God. As Catholics we understand that worship is a communal affair as we recall Christ's ultimate sacrifice on Calvary and His greatest gift, His own body and blood. The Eucharistic meal is there to nourish and fortify us as we leave on our journey to SERVE. Find out More here

Are you in need of prayer ? We have group of loving Christians that are willing to pray for you. CLICK HERE to leave your Prayer Request

Fr John is leading a 7 day Parish Cruise to the Eastern Caribbean. THE CRUISE IS SOLD OUT !!!

CLICK here to check out the list of new families that have joined our Parish. If you recognize any of the names please extend a warm welcome to them from all of the Parish
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Fr JohnWon't you join me on Tuesday evenings at 7 PM in St. William  Hall

I'm doing a series on the Holy Spirit Tues 7 - 830 PM and Wed 1-230 PM

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or just refresh yourself in God's word.

"I have spent many years studying our faith especially as revealed in the scriptures, I think you will find these sessions not only informative but also comforting !"

I have posted some blogs about a number of topics of interest to Catholics. See the current thinking about

Homosexuality and Catholics
Is the Eucharist Really Jesus ?
What do we believe about Mary ?
Can the Eucharist forgive sin ?
Why Catholics should read the bible

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California's floods predicted by scientists, but how? HD

California's floods predicted by scientists, but how?


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Pope Francis tells how to become a saint HD

Pope Francis tells how to become a saint


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Can the stones literally 'cry out?' Researchers discover LIFE in crystals

Like something out of a storybook, scientists have discovered life in crystals.

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