Catholic High School Youth Ministry


High School Core Team

Meet our High School Core Team ( Left to Right)

Bernedette Haugh, Drew Roch, Teri Graul, Mike Tunney 


  Summer Mission Trip

Catholic Heart Work Camp

Jacksonville, Florida

June 24 - July 1, 2016


Flyer: heartworkcamp_flyer.pdf

Download or print the Diocesan Permission Form


Summer Youth Conference

July 15-17, 2016

Space is Limited! Don't Wait

To register for this event

Contact Teri Graul 772-589-5790 X 12


Diocesan Youth Council

Coming to St Sebastian!!! 

DYC logo


The Diocesan Youth Council is  accepting applications beginning June 1 and going through September. This year the DYC hosted events, did leadership training, did witness talk training, spoke on retreat, and acted as peer ministers on retreat. Next year we hope to do so much more! Next year, since transportation has been such a key issue for the DYC members, we will offer TWO meetings per month. The meetings will have the same agenda, and our youth can choose which meeting they would prefer to attend: either at the Cathedral in Palm Beach Gardens or St Sebastian in Sebastian. Please Complete the attached application and submit to Teri Graul 
Director of Youth Ministry
or at the parish office






The object of the shoe drive is to collect shoes that will be sold in bulk to fund drilling wells in both Haiti and Kenya.