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Women's Guild

Womens Guild
St. Sebastian Women's Guild is an organization of Catholic women living in and around Sebastian.

Our goals are to promote Christian living through service to the community, to foster the spiritual development of the women in our parish, and to provide opportunities for friendship through social, cultural and educational programs and events.

Our purpose is to serve as a channel for all women in our community so that they might use their unique talents to help others and through Christian witnessing, draw all to God.

Whether we recognize ourselves as leaders or not, the women of our parish are called by God to "Work in His Vineyard."   We invite you to join us in His service; we have need of your Catholic minds and skillful hands.  No time commitment is too small and you are welcome to drop in at any of our meetings or events.

We meet Sept - May on the 3rd Tuesday of the month in LeSage Hall Room E.  Meetings usually start at 1:00 PM.
                                                       Our corporate communion is the 3rd Sunday of each month at the 7:30 AM Mas

Officers for 2020 - 2021:

President:           P.J. Garnett

Vice Pres:           Lorraine Mendes

Treasurer:           Marcia McIntosh

Recording Sec:   Nora Van Tol

Corres. Sec:       Gloria Studnicka

2019 - 2020 Calendar

 Sept 15,  1pm
 General Meeting / Meet & Greet
 Sept 20, 7:30am - Church
Guild Sunday Mass
 Oct 18, 7:30am - Church
 Guild Sunday Mass
Oct 20, 1pm - Main Hall Living Rosary then General Meeting
Nov 15, 7:30am - Church Guild Sunday Mass
Nov 17, 8:30am - Church Mass for Sick & Deceased Members
Nov 17, 9:30am - Main Hall Continental Breakfast & General Meeting
Dec 10, (tbd) Strunk Service of Remembrance
Dec 15, (tbd) Christmas Luncheon
Dec 20, 7:30am - Church Guild Sunday Mass
Jan 17, 7:30am - Church Guild Sunday Mass
Jan 19, 1pm - LeSage General Meeting
Jan 27, (tbc) Mahjongg Tournament
Feb 13-14th, Church Entryway Bake Sale
Feb 9, 1pm - LeSage General Meeting
Feb 21, 7:30am - Church Guild Sunday Mass
Mar 16m 1pm - LeSage General Meeting & Card Bingo
Mar 21, 7:30am - Church Guild Sunday Mass
Apr 18, 7:30am - Church Guild Sunday Mass
Apr 20, 1pm - LeSage General Meeting & Grab Bag
May 8-9th, Church Entryway Right to Life, Mother's Day Carnations
May 16, 7:30am - Church Guild Sunday Mass
May 18, 11am - Church Installation Mass
May 18, 12pm (tbd) Installation Luncheon
Jun (tbd) Potluck
July (tbd) Gather for Games