Come to Worship - Leave to Serve


"To commemorate an event or person is to remember them by means of a special action, ceremony, or specially-created object."
There are several ways our parish let's parishioners commemorate a loved one.

1)  Mass Cards:  We have a selection of cards available for purchase
            in the parish office for $10. 
            We will do our best to accommodate date & time requests.




                                      2)  Altar Flowers:  Please contact the office to offer altar flowers
                                         in memory of a deceased loved one, or special occasion. 
                                          The intention will also be placed in the bulletin $ costs (tbd).





                 3)  Mass Intentions:  Our Parish has an online form,
                        where you can specify your request to have a mass said for a deceased loved one,
                      a healing mass or other special occasion. 
                      We will do our best to accommodate date and time requests.  The cost is $10.




4) Father Martin Memorial Engraved Brick Project: 
Placed on our Church grounds, these bricks are a great way
 to honor a special occasions or remember a loved one & help support the future
building of a church in South Africa. 
Order forms are available in the church, parish office 
 or by contacting Toni Rott 228-8449. 
Each brick is $40, symbols are $20 extra.

Please contact the office for further information 772-589-5790