Come to Worship - Leave to Serve

Respect for Life Ministry

2021 40 Days For Life Spring Session at Planned Parenthood in Port St. Lucie (1696 SE Hillmore Drive)

* Park in the southeast corner of Seacoast Bank (corner of US1 and Tiffany)

* Walk through the back of Seacoast parking lot and around the north end of the Planned Parenthood property.

* Do not cut through the Planned Parenthood parking lot.

* If going to pray,  stand on the lower grass on Hillmore either on the Planned Parenthood side or the opposite side below the Eye Clinic.

* If both prayer warriors and sidewalk counselors are there at the same time, prayer warriors should stand on Eye Clinic side so counselors can have privacy with Planned Parenthood clients.


Pro Life Resource:  Muriel Ramos [email protected] 643-6188


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