Come to Worship - Leave to Serve


W.I.N.G.S is open to all women of our parish. 
If you are a woman who finds herself busy taking care of others' needs we welcome you!

This is an opportunity to allow a little time just for yourself.

Stay tuned for the dates of the next WINGS 8-week program.

The 8 sessions will be held in the Rectory Living Room.
Space is limited. Brochures and registration forms are at the parish office.

$20 fee covers the cost of materials    The 8 week commitment is essential

     This program of 8 weekly meetings designed to bring women together for fellowship and spiritual growth.  Each group in limited to 7 participants and is led by a team of 3 facilitators.  Participants are guided through a series of reflections which allow them to look at choices they make each day, to think about the things they value and to recognize God's hand in all we do.  As participants reflect on and share their experiences, they build a small community of faith and are inspired by one another. 
     This is not a support group for problem solving.  We do not meet to discuss our personal problems, other than those that arise as a result of journaling on the weekly topic. 

GLO (Grace Lives On), is a once a month (2nd Saturday of the month following the 8:30am Mass)
gathering for a bit of spiritual renewal for the WINGS alumni.





Self-Esteem and Self-Acceptance.                                     Stress, Worries & Anxiety
What influences me at this time in my life?                    Learning to deal with stress productively.

Everyday Spirituality                                                            Feelings
Relationship with self; relationship with God.                Constructive self-expression.

Personal Growth                                                                    Expressing Values in Friendship
Who am I? Where do I give and receive support?          Defining Christian values, examining relationship.

Discernment of Gifts
Using your gifts in ways that will enrich your life and the lives of others.

Celebration of New Beginnings.
A gathering of all WINGS participants to share a meal and celebrate the values you share and
the graces you have received on your spiritual journey.                                                                

Please call Laurette Chunka 772-918-4707 or email [email protected] to register and for more info.